Mary Beall Adler

Founder of Georgetown Bagelry

BEA Guest Speaker


You’re a teenager who wants to create your own business. Make your own money. Design your own future. But entrepreneurship isn’t taught in most high schools. So where do you start?

Successful entrepreneurs are joining forces with the Bethesda Entrepreneurship Academy to teach teenagers how to launch and develop their own businesses. You’ll learn directly from the founders of companies like Hair Cuttery, Wedding Wire, Georgetown Bagelry, Koa Sports,Factory Athletics, Prep Matters, Calleva Outdoor Adventures, BGR: The Burger Joint, Artworks Fine Art Studio, Grey Eagle Films, Langley Prep, Certifikid and many others about how they created their own companies, what lessons they learned along the way, and what they wish they had known in high school. Topics covered include everything from developing an idea and creating a business plan to marketing your services and and engaging with customers. Because of the small class size, students have the opportunity to ask questions and engage directly with the speakers.

BEA was founded by Zain Yaqub, a Bethesda high school student with an entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to learn about business before he was old enough to attend college. He began asking people in the local business community if they would teach him what they knew - and that's how BEA was born.

Seminars are held in Bethesda, MD. To register, please email or call 301-320-8076.

Timothy Chi

Founder of Wedding Wire

BEA Guest Speaker

Tim Hwang

Founder of Fiscal Note

BEA Guest Speaker

Erin Johnson

Founder of Artworks Fine Studios

BEA Guest Speaker


Teen Entrepreneurship Classes

Tony Korson

Founder of Koa Sports

BEA Guest Speaker